Disruption of service due to extreme weather conditions

Due to the extreme weather conditions witnessed today, there might be a disruption of cellular service in some areas. We are apologizing for the inconvinience.

Areas affected
  • Saint Luciana
  • Henming
  • Esmano

Surrounding areas might also be affected. The list will be updated as more information about the damage is gathered.

Services affected
  • Sendoco Mobile Calling Cell Services (includes domestic and international calls)
  • Sendoco Cellular Data Services (includes 5G, 4G/LTE and 3G)
  • Sendoco Quick Message Cell Services (includes SMS, MMS and SMS+)
Dates & Times

The first reports came in on September 22nd, 2022 at approximately 01:00.

We are doing our best so we can get the problem fixed by 27/09.


Sendoco Saint Luciana has enabled it’s backup cell towers which seem to be operating normally, just in lower capacity, since they are backup towers. This means that not everyone can use all services at the same time.

The Sendoco Saint Luciana backup cell tower will accept receptions and signal from all affected areas.

Availability of emergency calls is most important of all, especially these days. Calls to emergency services are prioritized automatically.